APIS Presentation, Company Record

APIS is a pioneer and proven leader in the filed of development, improvement and selling of legal information systems in Bulgaria.

The company was founded in September 1989 in accordance with the rules of registration for ''citizen's company'' of Decree № 56 with a partner and Director Vasil Hristovich.

In 1991 APIS launched the Collection of Laws monthly serial publication, the Law Library loose-leaf publication and other legal information publications.

The company began designing its own software in 1993, specialising in the development of information-retrieval systems and the provision of information services.

Since 1996 the business activity is performed by APIS-HRISTOVICH Ltd.

APIS BULGARIA Ltd. was established in 2003 to provide customer service and design software.

APIS EUROPE was created as a joint-stock company in 2006 because of the new activity in the field of European legislation.

In July 2014 APIS BULGARIA passes to APIS EUROPE and the joint-stock company becomes its universal assignee.

At present APIS is a leader in legal information systems in the Bulgarian market. The company has a flexible structure, with a full-time staff of more than 120 people engaged in:

  • Developing software;
  • Maintaining and improving databases;
  • Marketing and sales;
  • Technical support and communications;
  • Accounting;
  • Administrative services.

About 200 outside associates – lawyers, programmers and economists – are involved in the building and development of the database and in new project implementation.

Constant contact with customers through more than 75 representatives countrywide is the key factor in the company's success. They are instrumental in the signing of contracts with customers, customer training, the maintenance, updating, distribution and advertising of the APIS information systems.

The company is focused on always providing the latest legal, administrative, business and economic information to its more than 70,000 end-users. It is the most technologically advanced and innovative company in terms of product numbers, speed of customer service and share of the market for legal information systems in Bulgaria.

Currently, some 5,200 businesses and organisations, including ministries, central agencies, local administrations and courts are APIS customers. Many lawyers, notaries and other non-corporates also work with the company's products. In view of this, the creative team of APIS EUROPE is set on continuously improving the existing products and creating new systems to meet the customers' latest requirements.

In the end of 2007 the new APIS 7 became available – a new platform of the products which was developed in accordance with the latest requirements in the field and the recommendations of our clients.

The new desktop version APIS 7 offers advanced technology, new functionalities, speed and comfort in the course of work, modern and comfortable design.

Effective software solutions are found by the developers and leading specialists in APIS which include:

  • Fast access to all legal acts through one menu
  • Easy sorting of results from the search and their assortment by relevance
  • Creating of personal filters, structured presentation of the information from the Official Journal

Important advantages of the new version are also the following:

  • The possibilities for filtering of case law in accordance with connected provisions
  • A complete expert content in the area of law and finance
  • The notification for amendments in the legal acts chosen by the costumer via SMS or e-mail

A mobile version of the products APIS Law and APIS Register was developed in 2012 and it allows the costumers the effective application of the possibilities of these products using their tablets and smartphones.

From 2005 APIS organises national seminars together with the Alliance of Jurists in Bulgaria in the area of legal matters and the Alliance of accountants in Bulgaria in the area of economy. Currently they are one of the most popular forms of education for becoming acquainted with the novelties and the important matters in the filed of law and economy.

The company has seven offices in the cities Sofia and Pazardjik with overall area of over 1 500 sq.m.

APIS EUROPE and APIS HRISTOVICH apply the system for control over the quality in the field of the ''Design, development and support of searching information systems with large data bases and performing of information services'' since 2004.

The last certificate in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 is awarded in November 2013 by the licensed auditor Dekra Certification GMBH.

APIS EUROPE CEO Vasil Hristovich is a graduate in Computing Mathematics from the Faculty of Mathematics of the Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia. He has been into legal information technology since 1983. He is the founder of the Norma state-owned company and its director until 1989 which is the first company in Bulgaria that developed a legal information system. Hristovich started developing his own information products in this area in September 1989, laying the foundations of APIS information systems. Vasil Hristovich has been the chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies(BAIT).