2016-02-16 - APIS presented the EuroCases system on the ECLI forum

On the 12th of February 2016, at the Union of Bulgarian Jurist a round table was held on the topic "The introduction of the European Case Law Identifier (ECLI) in Bulgaria - Challenges and Perspectives". Special guest at the event was Mr. Marc van Opijnen, member of the Working Group on e-Law and e-Justice Council of the European Union and a major proponent of the introduction of ECLI within the Union.

Durring the forum the new APIS legal information system – EuroCases, providing access to national case law of the courts of EU Member States in implementing EU law, was presented. Representatives from the Supreme Judicial Council, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Transportation, Information Technology and Communications and others listened with great interest to the presentation of Hristo Konstanatinov, Deputy managing director of APIS. All of them expressed their positive opinion and gave their high professional assessment on the service.

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