2016-07-20 - Developed by Apis "EULinksChecker" nominated in top ten for Innovation Radar Prize 2016

One of the components developed in the EUCases project by APIS Europe JSC, namely the EULinksChecker, has just been nominated for the European Commission's Innovation Radar Prize 2016.

The joyous announcement that the innovative component was nominated in the top ten came within the framework of the Innovation Radar 2016, which is an initiative actively identifying high potential innovations, funded by EU and the key innovators behind them.

The nominated EULinksChecker (Add-in Tools for Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome), which will be competing for the Innovation Radar Price 2016, assists legal professionals during the process of drafting or viewing on the Internet legal documents related to EU law by offering them convenient features for performing legal research based on legal citations or other semantic connections of the drafted/viewed documents with EU legislation and case law.

The innovative component came as a result of the EUCases project, which in turn has given the grounds for the successful launch of a commercial service EuroCases by APIS Europe JSC. The service itself is a novel multilingual web-based legal information service, providing access to the case law of the leading jurisdictions in Europe related to the application of EU law. Due to the nature of its functionalities, EuroCases is being regarded by many legal professionals active in various fields of law as a useful legal tool benefiting to lawyers, academics as well as law students.

In creating EuroCases the company relied on its experience of participation in the EUCases project (, supported by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme for research and innovation of the European Union. Special part in developing EuroCases plays EULinksChecker, which is nominated in the top ten for innovation Radar prize 2016. You can support us by voting for the innovation on the website of the European Commission

The presentation of EULinksChecker - klick here.

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