2017-10-09 - More than 100 lawyers and IT specialists participated in the ECLI-BG international expert workshop

More than 100 jurists (including judges, judicial staff, prosecutors, lawyers and legal experts) and IT professionals in the judicial system took part in the International expert workshop on “The introduction of ECLI in Bulgaria in the context of the implementation of e-Justice”, which took place on 4 October 2017 in Sofia. The workshop was organised within the framework of the ECLI-BG project by the partners Apis Europe and The Union of Bulgarian Jurists.

Mr. Vladislav Slavov, Chairman of The Union of Bulgarian Jurists, opened the workshop. A special guest was Mrs. Desislava Achladova, Deputy Minister of Justice, who greeted the participants and wished success to the partners in the implementation of the project.

Deputy Managing Director of Apis Europe Mr. Hristo Konstantinov presented the ECLI-BG project objectives and the plans for the introduction of ECLI in 2018 within the Centralised Web Interface for Publication of Case Law created and supported by the Supreme Judicial Council and for establishing interconnection with the ECLI Search Engine on the European e-Justice Portal.

The workshop was attended by the international experts Mr. Marc van Opijnen, BO-ECLI Project Coordinator and member of the EU Council’s Working Party on e-Law, who gave a presentation on “The European Case Law Identifier: Gaining Support all over Europe”, and Mr. Tommaso Agnoloni, a leader of the project team implementing ECLI in Italy, who presented the state of play in regard to ECLI implementation in Italy, as well as the work on the development of the BO-ECLI parser for multilingual extraction of legal links.

On behalf of the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) as ECLI coordinator for Bulgaria, in the workshop took part Mrs. Elka Atanasova, member of the SJC (2012-2017) and manager of the project “Creation of a model for optimisation of the court map of the Bulgarian courts and prosecution offices and development of a Unified information system of the courts”. Mrs. Atanasova presented the status of the project work and the upcoming activities till the end of 2018.

During the workshop, a presentation was made also on the Single e-Justice Portal, a project of the SJC. Presentation were given also on the updated system for case law search on the website of the Supreme Court of Cassation, the environment for data exchange and communication between the administrative courts in the Republic of Bulgaria and the Single court case management system, implemented in the administrative courts.

The presentations of the seminar are published in section “Documents” of the project website

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