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"APIS Europe" JSC

67B Postoyanstvo Str., Entr. B
1111 Sofia

Helpdesk Customers: (+359 2) 970 89 44, 970 89 40 
Helpdesk Customers (National number): 0700 44 944
Fax: (+359 2) 981 97 45

UIC: 175142993
VAT Number: BG175142993
Bank account: BG91STSA 9300 0012 8903 34, BIC: STSABGSF, DSK Bank

Executive Directors: Vasil Hristovich, Hristo Konstantinov, Irina Radoeva, Petar Kantarev


Sales Office: 7A Graf Ignatiev Str.

1000 Sofia, Bulgaria
Tel.: 0888 268830


Office: Pazardzik

5 San Stefano Str.
4400 Pazardzik, Bulgaria 



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