APIS is a pioneer and proven leader in the development, improvement and distribution of legal and business information systems in Bulgaria. Today, the company offers a rich portfolio of products and services with high added value, thus meeting the growing demands of its tens of thousands of users in the country and abroad. Thanks to its wide-ranging team of professionals and experts, APIS provides through its computer systems knowledge and information in the field of Bulgarian law, European Union law, economics and finance, privacy and personal data protection as well as reference information on business entities and their commercial activity.


Bulgarian legal framework, case law, institutional instructions and guidelines, annotations of articles in the specialised magazines

Euro Law

Information system on EU legislation and its relation to Bulgarian law


Multilingual web based service providing access to the case law of leading European jurisdictions

Tax & Financial Standards

European norms and standards in the field of economy and finance and their practical application

APIS - Sofita Law

Bulgarian law in English

APIS Kantora

Document management system for lawyers and in-house legal councel

APIS Case Law

Information system on case law and claim proceedings

APIS Procedures

Off-the-shelf solutions in relation to provision of administration services, legal actions, concluding of transactions, contracts, etc.

APIS Finance

Economic models. Financial schemes. Computational algorithms

Euro Finance

The information system Euro Finance presents the economy of the European Union

APIS Vreme

Automatic indicator, express analysis and exclusive author commentaries on changes in legislation. All deadlines and terms in Bulgarian law and a personal organizer for their calculation and tracking

APIS Globus

Expert information on foreign investments and legal relations with international element

APIS Register+

Information system on companies and organisations

Company Analysis

Analytical information on key performance indicators from companies' annual financial statements in support of strategic and operational marketing activities of companies and institutions

Import of Clients' Lists and Tracking for Changes in Company Records

Tracking and retrieval of up-to-date information on changes in company records of legal entities listed by the client

Claim Forms

Preliminary information on insolvency and other commercial cases filed in the district courts

Share Capital

Synthesized information on shareholders and the distribution of their shares in joint stock companies

Constructions of "APIS – Digesta" Ltd

Unique assistant in analysing and solving cases


Complete and up-to-date information on the legal framework of personal data protection

GDPR Assistant

Web-based software solution for setting up a data protection policy and keeping the documentation and accountability records required under the new legal framework

PPA Files

A unique collection of gathered, processed and connected data from the protocols of the contracting entities

AML Assistant

Information system on the legal framework in Bulgaria and the EU on anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing

Register API

API – Application Programming Interface for integration of the APIS Register+ data with the user systems

People in Power

People in Power – APIS Information System on political and public figures