Bulgarian Legislation and Case Law

The legislative framework in Bulgaria, case law, bills, institutional documents and guidelines, annotations of articles in the specialised magazines

EU Legislation and Case Law of the EU Court of Justice

The legal instruments of EU Law in their relationship and interaction with the Bulgarian legislation

Economic Modeling and Financial Analysis

Taxation, social and health insurance, accounting and auditing, salaries and pensions, fiscal regime and budgeting

Public Registers and Company Information

Data from the Commercial register and the other official sources of information on business entities and companies

Practical Guide to GDPR Compliance

The GDPR Handbook of APIS will help you to implement and comply with the requirements of the new EU regulation

Bulgarian Legislation and Case Law

EU Legislation and Case Law of the EU Court of Justice

Economic Modeling and Financial Analysis

Public Registers and Company Information

Practical Guide to GDPR Compliance

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Latest News

24 June 2021

A practitioners’ workshop was held in Sofia within the CrossJustice project on the rights of defendants in criminal proceedings

On June 23, 2021 in Sofia was held a practical workshop for magistrates and lawyers on the topic: "Procedural Rights of Persons Suspected or Accused of a Crime under EU and National Law - Presentation of the CrossJustice Platform".

28 February 2020

The "GDPR in Your Pocket" mobile app was awarded by BAIT Awards for 2019

The innovative tool created under the SMEDATA project received the award in the Public Administration category. APIS Europe JSC participates in the SMEDATA project as responsible for the software development of the application.

28 January 2020

The final version of "GDPR in Your Pocket" mobile app was released on the Personal Data Protection Day

On January 28, Europe and many other countries in the world celebrate the Personal Data Protection Day. In this regard, the Commission for personal data protection of Republic of Bulgaria (CPDP) presented the final version of the mobile application “GDPR in your pocket”, developed under the international SMEDATA project.

25 November 2019

Three new modules in GDPR Assistant Read more

Three new modules have been added in GDPR Assistant to support controllers and processors when making decisions in certain situations when managing personal data. A similar module is the "Check for the need of a Data Protection Officer (DPO)", which has been available since the creation of the innovative GDPR Assistant.

APIS - The Proven Leader in Bulgaria

APIS is a pioneer and proven leader in the development, improvement and distribution of legal and business information systems in Bulgaria. Today, the company offers a rich portfolio of products and services with high added value, thus meeting the growing demands of its tens of thousands of users in the country and abroad. Thanks to its wide-ranging team of professionals and experts, APIS provides through its computer systems knowledge and information in the field of Bulgarian law, European Union law, economics and finance, privacy and personal data protection as well as reference information on business entities and their commercial activity.

Bulgarian Law

Consolidated legislative instruments, case law, bills, instructions, guidelines, procedures, document models, templates and forms, author's comments, deadlines, and more

European Union Law

Regulations, directives and other legislative instruments, case law of the EU Court of Justice, communications in OJ, European legal and financial procedures, document models and forms

Financial Information

Economic models, expert commentaries, computational algorithms and alternative solutions in the field of economics, accounting, finance and budgeting

Company Information

Information from the public registers on merchants, non-profit legal persons and entities registered in BULSTAT Register, data sets for coprporate and marketing analyses

GDPR Compliance

The legal framework of personal data protection and practical guidance to organisations for achieving compliance with the GDPR requirements



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