APIS Kantora


APIS Kantora - All about lawyers

Document management system for lawyers and in-house legal councel


APIS Kantora is a document management system for lawyers and in-house legal councel, which aims at organising the lawyers' cases and legal services provided.

APIS Kantora provides the following functional modules:


Cases - an organiser of Cases and legal services provided by the lawyer and legal adviser on specific cases


Documents - a register of statements of claim, contracts, complaints, defence statements, power of attorney and other documents and papers, with the option for automated filling-in of previously entered data about clients and cases 


Reports - reports and accounts on closed and pending cases, actions performed and services provided by hours, reports on separate cases and clients, fees and other amounts paid and due, with the option for printing or saving in PDF or Excel files


Calendar - a journal of court sessions, appointments and tasks enabling advance reminders of forthcoming events by SMS, E-mail or messages within the product, as well as a Timer recording the amount of time spent on specific cases 


Contacts - a directory of Clients and other interested parties to the cases conducted by the lawyer and legal advisor


Payments - a module for keeping a record of and accounting for client payments of fees and costs, state fees, expert and witness deposits and any other costs on the cases conducted by the lawyer and legal advisor


Messages - a specialised notification service by SMS, E-mail or messages within the product notifying of changes in the legal provisions whereon the cases are based, and of the subpoenas for addressees with unknown addresses or lists of cases scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court of Cassation, as published in the State Gazette  

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