Company Analysis

Analytical information on key performance indicators from companies' annual financial statements in support of strategic and operational marketing activities of companies and institutions

Jointly developed by APIS and MMD Partners

Allows the available information to be employed in analysis in support of strategic and operational marketing activities of companies and institutions, directed towards improving their efficiency and their management of the interactions in the business space.

A product of a new class, with an option for users to access data from the accounts of Bulgarian companies, which are provided in the form of a structured finance analysis.

Uses the annual accounts, formally submitted to the Commercial Register under the Registry Agency, which have been processed and digitized by the team of "APIS Register+". Also uses data from other official sources such as the National Statistical Institute etc.

The main focus is placed on the key indicators of the income statements and balance sheets – including data on income, equity, net financial result, the value of assets, information on the average number of employees in the organization.

Companies in the processed sample exceed 100,000 and satisfy the following conditions:

  • Are registered under the Law on VAT;
  • Have submitted their reports to the Commercial Register.

The information is organized hierarchically according to the sector and the core business of each company, the individual companies are classified to their assigned NACE code and further defined groups. This structure allows data on the companies to be summarized, reviewed and compared by various criteria, including sector - and branch – specific principles.

"APIS Register - Company Analysis" provides information based on a given criterion or set of criteria, structured as a list or as a practical tabular and graphical output, depending on the nature of the set parameters and the specific instrument used. It allows for global search - by UIC number or company name, or advanced search - against a set of indicators.

Just like all other products of the "APIS Register" family, "APIS Register - Company Analysis" includes updated information about the companies and allows for quick and easy access to the desired financial metrics and analysis of a company or group of companies, and thus can be a very helpful tool for directors, financial and marketing managers, as well as anyone interested in the condition of the Bulgarian business environment.


  • List of companies with processed financial indicators


  • Rating by financial indicators and given criterion or set of criteria


  • Module with financial analysis

Module "Financial Analysis"

  • Level of analysis
    • Company
    • Sector (following NSI nomenclature)
    • Branch (managerial point of view)
    • Random group of companies
  • Analysis Indicators
      • Dynamics


      • Efficiency


      • Debt levels
      • Estimated value of the company (Company Rating)


Target customer audience

  • Manager
    • Comparison with the competition
    • Market development
    • A new perspective based on real data
    • Labor efficiency and profit margins
  • Marketing/Commercial director
    • Growth of competitors
    • Profit margins
  • Chief Accountant or financial director
    • Quick, ready financial analysis
    • Debt levels
    • Comparison by specific financial indicators