GDPR Assistant

Web-based software solution for setting up a data protection policy and keeping the documentation and accountability records required under the new legal framework

GDPR Assistant provides the user with an electronic diary for the data subjects' requests, records of prcessing activities, manuals and sample documents needed for the implementation of GDPR requirements and for reporting:

  • A handbook on the steps needed to implement a privacy policy;
  • Sample documents ready for completion;
    • Templates of internal procedures and rules;
    • Templates of requests and declarations;
    • Sample contracts and contract terms in relation to GDPR.
  • Questionnaires (check-lists) that help users check compliance with the basic requirements of the Regulation:
    • Assessment of the need to appoint a Data Protection Officer;
    • Analysis of the incompatibilities of the established system for protection of personal data;
    • Practical measures to be taken to ensure an adequate level of data protection.
  • Records of processing activities that the user is required to maintain as a data controller and/or a data processor. Each record is made available as a separate software module with the corresponding required nomenclature and functionality.

GDPR Assistant provides security and stability to the information created in the user organisation regarding the implementation and compliance of GDPR requirements by:

  • Cloud solution;
  • Encryption of the database;
  • Secure connection and protection of data transfer;
  • Possibility to use the product as a secure "container" for the required documentation;
  • Software features to make it easier to work with documents and registers.