Tax & Financial Standards

European norms and standards in the field of economy and finance and their practical application


Tax & Financial Standards is a multilingual web based service that provides knowledge on economic rules and legal regulation of commercial and financial relations in the European common market.

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Eurocases - Tax & Financial Standards is an information system designed for the countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and presents:

  • Uniform application of the current tax system through the rules, established by European directives and regulations and, in particular, with respect to tax-payers, the supply of goods and services and place of taxable transactions.
  • Measures - necessary and proportionate - on monetary, budgetary and taxation issues considering the risk of tax fraud and tax evasion in the Member States and the need to ensure the proper collection of fiscal duties, within the scope of EU regulations and directives.
  • European fiscal and business practices based on the decisions and rulings of the EU Court of Justice.
  • Regulated types of transactions, categories and concepts of individual commercial operations and assets to ensure equal tax treatment by the Member States of supplies of goods and services, related to economic activity. Compliance with these mandatory requirements is of utmost importance for the legislative and administrative practices in the Member States.


  • Legislative acts of the EU: treaties; international agreements; legislation – regulations, directives, decisions, other acts (available in 4 languages – English, German, French and Bulgarian).
  • International accounting standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) – consolidated versions.
  • Legislative proposals of the Commission and common positions of the Council, covering the economic category under consideration. COM Documents used in the analysis and preparation of EU legislation, produced at various stages of the legislative and budgetary procedures.
  • Case law of the European Union: judgments, orders, opinions and other acts of the Court of Justice, the General Court and the Civil Service Tribunal (in 4 languages – English, German, French and Bulgarian).
  • Statistical and tax information, financial dictionary and financial applications.


The system provides information about:

  • the general tax laws, commercial and financial activities of the EU as reflected in the regulations and EU directives;
  • European fiscal, social and business practices based on the rulings of the EU Court of Justice (in accordance with the existing legal and economic system of the European Union by established rules for the implementation of directives, regulations and standards);
  • economic and financial operations applied in the EU;
  • financial and insurance bodies accredited to operate within the European Union;
  • interest and exchange rates based on ECB and EURIBOR.

The documents contain:

  • Links to decisions in the same sphere (similar cases), on which the court has relied when stipulating its judgement. When ranking them, the court decisions (answers) are referred to the specific issue (when there is more than one question).
  • The conclusions of the Advocate General prior to the decision of the EU Court of Justice on the interpretation and application of European standards with respect to the matter.
  • Legal definitions - allow to find all documents in EU law and the provisions therein, which give a legal definition of the term specified by the user. This option supports and facilitates the search for a legally defined concepts both in legislative acts and in the decisions contained therein.