SMEDATA Project Launched a Campaign Aimed at Completing Surveys on GDPR Compliance by SMEs and Their Legal Professionals

11 March 2019

The partners of the international Project SMEDATA, among which is Apis Europe JSC, have launched a campaign aimed at completion of online surveys on GDPR compliance by micro-, small and medium enterprises. To this end, two surveys are published on the Project website:

The surveys aim at gathering information on the challenges, issues or concerns which the businesses, and in particular, micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises and their legal professionals, face in connection to the implementation of GDPR requirements. The so obtained information will be used for the development of self-assessment tool, a mobile app and training materials, which will support the SMEs to be GDPR compliant. The surveys are anonymous and they are in no way connected with the official duties of the supervisory authorities taking part in the project.

The implementation of the SMEDATA Project, which is coordinated by the Bulgarian Commission for Personal Data Protection in consortium with public and private partners from Bulgaria and Italy, started in the beginning of December 2018. Additional information on the project and its expected results can be found on: